Oral Surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is the dental specialty that is commonly known for treatment of wisdom teeth, temporomandibular joint disorder, and corrective jaw surgery.

We try our level best to save each and every tooth. However, sometimes the removal of the tooth becomes mandatory. In such cases a minor oral surgical procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. Most of the times the patient experiences minimal or no discomfort.

When someone tells you he has an impacted wisdom tooth or if your dentist tells you that you have an impacted wisdom tooth, it generally means that your wisdom tooth is erupted in an unnatural position. Removal of the wisdom tooth depends on a case to case basis. If the wisdom tooth is erupted properly and no problems associated with it, then it can be saved & is left as it is. If however there is difficulty in keeping it clean and there is a high chance that it might give problems in the future then it becomes an option for removal.

Swelling, reduced mouth opening and pain are the symptoms indicative of wisdom tooth problem which should invariably be extracted for permanent relief.

Other surgical procedures like Apicoectomy (for cyst removal around the infected root canal), alveoloplasty, direct/indirect sinus lifts and other basic to complex surgical procedures are performed by certified and experienced oral surgeons at The Dental House.